Educational Patch Contest #1

Produce the best creative patch (with Youtube video), tutorial video, or manual page for Nysthi’s BOH!NGLER.

End date: Midnight in your locale January 1st 2019.

There will be voting. (Only !) eternal fame awaits you. You will be known far and wide as a VCV Master.

Add your patch links, video links and/or files to the FB thread please:

Creative patch entries should make central use of BOH!NGLER.

Tutorial patches or videos should only use free modules.

Feel free to discuss the module and its functionality here or in the FB thread.


Something to have fun with while nursing your hangover today (I’m sure most of you don’t have one!).

Happy New Year!

And a happy new year to you Nik! I managed to avoid the worst hangover, growing up I guess… :slight_smile:

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Look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Voting is Open

I think the whole Western Pacific is now into January 2nd, so it is time for voting. Voting will finish at 18:00 GMT on Saturday 5th January.

Voting is in the Facebook thread here:

There are some fantastic entries so please take the time to give them a listen (or read).

We have Adi Quinn’s fantastic manual here:

And a playlist of creative entries here:

The original contest thread is here:

I did PM a few people who released Boh!ngler based works over the period but did not link them to the contest thread. Apologies if there were others that I did not spot. If you would like your entry added then please let me know.

Many thanks to all participants and a huge thanks to Antonio Tuzzi for entertaining my request to build a mystery module and producing such an excellent one. One question for Antonio: what is the mysterious XOR functionality ?

I hope to run another such challenge in a few months time. Would all devs wishing to produce a suitable module please form an orderly queue :wink:

Thanks all and happy patching in 2019.

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I think you mean Eastern Pacific :wink: Those of us on the Western Pacific got 2019 before the rest of you :slight_smile: and the 2nd is almost over


There’s some nice entries in that playlist!


Final hours of voting now.

The winner is @AdiQ (Adi Quinn) with his amazing manual for Boh!ingler. The creator @synthi (Antonio Tuzzi) has further explained the background to the module in the FB thread and clarified the XOR functionality.

A massive thanks to Antonio for making the challenge possible and thank you to all participants and those who listened, read and voted.

May Adi’s name be proclaimed far and wide as a VCV master :slight_smile:


bravo @AdiQ !


Wow! Thank you Nik for running this contest, it was a really fun experience, and I hope you get a chance to do this again with another crazy module. Antonio, the work you do is amazing and brings me happiness. This module was ridiculously cool, and although I’m still trying to fully comprehend it’s magical powers, I’ve made a handful of patches with it already and absolutely love it, so thank you!