Eclipse IDE for Rack development

Staring out in Rack development. I have lots of experience in Linux and I am comfortable with command line development processes, but I want to build on Windows 10 and I am wondering if using Eclipse IDE for C/C++ is a worthwhile idea? I read that some people use Visual Code from Microsoft.

Any comments?

I believe building via command line on Windows 10 is perfectly possible if you use MSYS2. This is what the “Building Windows” section of the VCV Rack Manual provides instructions for.

Personally I use Sublime Text & the command line for developing and building VCV Rack and my Rack plugin.

By far the easiest course of action is to build from command line with Msys2, as @computerscare says. And that’s what most devs do. I code using Visual Code, build and debug plugins from command line, and build and debug my unit tests with Visual Studio.

Some people do get IDEs to work for VCV development, usually Visual Studio. You can probably get Eclipse to do it, but it will probably take some tinkering to get it to work. And no matter what you need to maintain a make file that will build your plugin from command line, and that’s what the plugin manager will use to make builds, should you finish a plugin and submit it.