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(David Muddyman) #1

The first piece under my Echoflex moniker.

Mobius Music Box

Thanks to Martin Lueders for the ideas behind the sequential switches controlled randomness, and to Omri Cohen for all that he has taught me over the last two months - without even knowing it.


Lovely, definitely have that berlin school vibe

(David Muddyman) #3

Thank you. It is strange but I am much more influenced by the Cologne/Dusseldorf school of Neu!, Can and Cluster. I suppose Berlin school must be in my psyche too.

(Alheeley) #4

yes - like that a lot, really good fast seq & echo going on, quite hypnotic.

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(Unkied) #5

Real nice patch!
Cluster are one of my favorites and you have def captured of that flavor here.
Can I follow Echoflex online somewhere?

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(David Muddyman) #6

A new recording - but it only a recording as VCV crashed and I have never been able to get it sounding the same again. In some ways the recording is everything.

This is “Polly No Meals”

(David Muddyman) #7

@unkied There is a soundcloud playlist which I will keep updating.

So far there are three tracks:

(David Muddyman) #8

No.3 is “Mallo Fallo”

(David Muddyman) #9

No.4 is “Soft Skin”

(S Bateman) #10

Found some time to listen to your playlist today, I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

(David Muddyman) #11

Thank you. There will be another going up in a short while

(David Muddyman) #12

No.5 Clusterful

(Lars Bjerregaard) #13

Really like this one. Lovely classic Berlin School sequencing.

(David Muddyman) #14

“Neu Stadt”

Recorded live with VCV Rack. May 2019

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