EbE404 Music Thread

Greetings, all

We are getting ready for an upcoming live stream, and recorded a little snippet from a rehearsal session. This is a hybrid setup using VCV with external MIDI controllers and modular hardware. Video was captured using OBS.

The stream will be this coming Sunday, October 18th (link is in the Facebook post) and should be interesting for those who are interested. We think there will be a rebroadcast later on for those in Europe who don’t feel like staying up this late on a Sunday :wink:

Hello, hello

For anybody interested and in a convenient time zone this evening, we will be sharing a quick performance using a hybrid system with VCV, external modular hardware, and a few different MIDI controllers.

A screenshot of the patch is here:

A Modular Grid listing for the external modular hardware is here:

EbE404 Modular Hardware

Lastly, a MiniBrute 2S, Behringer BCR2000, and Korg NanoKontrol are in the mix.

A word about the patch and how it’s working- the external hardware is handling the majority of the voices and melodies, while Rack is handling most of the percussion, some random noise accents, main clocking, and mix duties. Hexaquark and Prok Drums are handling the percussion with external control from the BCR. MIxMaster is handling the mix with lots of Vult in play in the inserts for controllable filters and inserted AS Signal Delays for latency compensation. Also notable, lots of Stoermelder Strips and MIDI-CATs here make it possible to do some fairly intricate external control and allow the use of multiple layers of the BCR for controlling different sections of the patch.

The music itself will be a bit darker but uptempo industrial (or something like that), and the set will be around 20 minutes or so.

If anybody is interested, more info can be found here:

The EbE404 set should be around 8PM CST, with the others to follow. Lots of good acts here, so definitely worth popping in to hear everybody.