Easiest way to...Switch Sequencers

I can think of a few ways to do it, and how difficult it would be with real gear, or easy in some cases, but what would be the easiest way, or rather how would you switch say 5 tracks seamlessly from one sequencer and not sequence.

Also I would mind seeing Easiest Way To as a topic

Mainly because I am baffled so much of the time.


Can you give an example of what you’re trying to do, it’s not clear to me? On first reading I thought you had multiple sequencers and you wanted to switch between them but now i’m not sure.

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do you mean sequence sequencers? or switch the same sequences on different sequencers?

you can concatenate sequencers using sequential switches to bypass the clock or the sequence itself


to share sequences between different sequencers there is a proposal to standardize , I m not know the status


I means like, I am totally happy with all of my sounds starting from quantizers through sources and envelopes and filters to vca to mix. Thing is, I want to switch all of those sounds to an entirely different sequencer. Like it would be great if i had just that, a switch that took eight channels each from two diffierent sequencers pre quantization, and i could switch back and forth. That doesn’t exist as far as i know, so how would i most easily complete this task?

I use to build the sequences in the rack beside the instruments, then if I m happy with what I m doing I usually bring the sequences to an external sequencer , Renoise and most recently to a hardware tracker, I use to do this manually , One idea could be try to run the sequence through the CV-MIDI , CV-Gate and CV-CC and record on an external sequencer

A sequential switch?

this was my first and most obvious choice, but I couldn’t find one to do exactly what i am describing.


you got a polyend tracker. paint me green.

Though the seq is my most coveted module.

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the tracker have video games. for real

Their gear (polyend) is magic. Have you seen the seq play drums yet?

I told my boy that the polyend seq plays drums. He was like, “You mean it has its own sample library?” I said, "No, motherf%^r, it plays drums


oh yes, that perc are super impressive, unbelievable I saw a video of Andrew Huang triggering hits at 999 beats per second



I’m still not sure what your talking about (i’m starting to think that you’re talking about external sequencers?) but many of the switches in VCV are polyphonic. You could put all your sequences into two cables and switch between them?

Trig switch by ML is my go-to for this. I often run the trig switch from a sequencer. This sequencer being to sequence which song section I’m in. I usually use a MSCHack 32 step sequencer to select which section, but you can totally just have a bunch of buttons to select which section.

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Jooper was made just for this sort of thing.

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