Easiest/best way to map DAW MIDI to Drum triggers in VCV Rack?

Using the plugin and looking to send MIDI from my DAW to VCV on MIDI Channel 10, but in order to determine which triggers/gates come from which drums (e.g. which is kick and which snare) in the MIDI there doesn’t seem to be a way to match the notes (e.g. on my track C1 indicates a Kick and D1 a snare) with the corresponding gates other than manually sticking the split MIDI into something like the FOUR-VIEW module and trying to see which notes are which and then using the same indexing such that if output 4 on the SPLIT V/OCT is the kick then uses trigger/gate output 4 on the SPLIT gate. This gets a bit laborious as the mapping seems to change the next time a different MIDI track is sent which has slightly different drums, can’t always rely on the kick showing up on output 4.

Any module that can help with this and enable me to set up MIDI mapping MIDI from DAW to VCV drums maybe as a preset or something already designed for the task?

Ideally I guess I’m after a module or small patch that allows me to do something like “Consume this polyphonic MIDI. If a note on arrives and is a C1 then fire this trigger, if a D1 then this one, if E1 then this one…” etc. Any ideas?

followed by gate to trigger if needed ?

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Oh wow, that looks exactly what I’m after. Cheers, I don’t know why I never noticed that before. Maybe I was searching for triggers and not gates. Ta.

Just tried it, works perfectly!

If I need buffering and velocity, I have used this with a midi to gate module.

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