Dynamically changing a Parameter's Label and Range

Is there a way to dynamically change the label on a parameter? I’m working on a module with different modes and I’m interested in changing the labels to reflect the current mode. Assuming this is possible does someone have example code somewhere I could look at?

It is possible, but i don’t have an example to hand. Personally i would not recommend changing the actual range though, its very difficult to achieve a consistent and predictable ui with a changing param range.

Instead you’ll probably find it easier to keep a constant range and change the way you scale the param value before you use it.

If you are changing the label, you can change the label scaling and offset at the same time, so that the param range appears to change.

Anyway, the paramWidget has a getParamQuantity method. The paramQuantity object has the label and the displayBase/displayMultiplier/displayoffest values.

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See this post. Voxglitch Community Feedback - #114 by delexander

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