Dustcat - music with vcv rack

this is the thread where I will post what I consider good enough to be shared with you, I hope you will all like it, criticism are very welcome as I am always trying to get better

the first patch I consider to be a “full” track: Joyride (live lead synth version)

this is my latest patch: wavetrip


a la cure

The proceeding are, of course, one person’s subjective opinions:

“Joyride” feels a bit console-nostalgia/happy-chiptune-ish, while “Wavetrip” definitely has a synthwave, mid-to-late-80s Italo Disco vibe to it. As your confidence grows, so will the complexity of your patches, no doubt!

While one of the reasons for my getting into Rack was a fondness for the experimental ambient soundscape-y stuff it’s great at, I’m always happy to see Rack showing off its versatility… modules don’t care what genre something is, they’re just there to help however they can! :wink:


new track ! am using the amazing entrian timeline from @Richie


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Very nice track! Great to hear Timeline in real-world use!

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new track !



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here’s a live performance I did just for fun ! some errors here and there but whatever I had fun :smile:


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Nice live performance! :clap::clap:

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