DUSG -> Maths -> GTS

It’s gone full circle. The biggest difference in terms of base functionality between the GTS and Maths is that you have to patch program it to get logarithmic/exponential curves, but listen to how it sounds in this fine demo from Stazma. I have never had any urge to use Maths as a VCO. The GAS is strong here—incredible analogue sound.

Serge really is a force of nature. He is still working on modules in his mid-80s. Chapeau! We had the brilliant-looking SSG->GT0, and now my beloved Res EQ has a bigger brother, a voltage-controlled version. It’s a pity they weren’t at Superbooth showing the new stuff.


I have a Serge custom STS panel with 7 DTG!


Wow! @synthi that’s an actual complete synthesizer!! I think the big update of the GTS is that it has even better tracking and generally larger range than DUSG I like how sneaky is random source: updating existing modules with the exact same HP, so you have no excuse not to swap it if you have the v1 :wink: it’s hard… Rise and fall atv is a great thing for sure! but the cycle input of math is the key of boucing ball patches and other cybernetic stuffs… the perfect function generator doesn’t exist… yet :slight_smile: