During development...

3 rack 2.0.4 of 3 systems, running on my computer (with nysthi 2.0.13)

(Mac m1 OSX, running a remote desktop Win10, running a fedora 26 Virtual box)

(testing the Fedora part)


Why are none of these VCV sessions nested into each other?


I used to have it
but m1 won’t run virtual box anymore
so I use a small external notebook for the task

Hehe, I meant the VCV sessions nested into each other :wink:

(I guess you’d need the Host module and some other trickery though)


Haha. I hadn’t even thought of running VCV in host in VCV. I will have to try it for the laughs.

I saw people having some issues with it, but that’s the dream right?! :smiley:

Have done this a bit using a certain opensource plugin based on Rack2. Works great there, with some limitations of course.

I imagine having smaller instrument patches all being sequenced inside a bigger main patch.

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The first thought that occurred to me was just “hiding” the sequencing.