Dune Soundtrack, Hans Zimmer - VCV - and general soundtrack techniques and ideas

I saw that there are previews for the second part of the recent Dune film, the one with the Hans Zimmer soundtrack, and I remember being soo blown away by the soundtrack in the theater - there are just these wonderfully huge dirty evocative sounds and powerful uses of synthesizer.

Has anybody else been periodically racking their brains thinking about how to make some of those sounds in VCV, or in hybrid synthesis?

The soundtrack for the german tv show Dark, as well as Stranger Things, and The Mandalorian all felt slightly modular-inspired to me as well (just pulling from memory, but I haven’t really looked up their creative processes).

I thought this might be a good thread topic for recreations of specific sounds that burrow into our heads, not so much a recreation of an entire soundtrack, but just certain things that strike us.

For some eye candy - this video’s a bit over the top, but it’s pretty awesome to see Zimmer’s giant Roland System 100m there in the background of the performers, like a kind of observing god-computer:

Anyway, just a thought I’ve had in the back of my mind, and I’m down with a cold this week and digging around for inspiration. I thought this might make for a reasonably deep general topic if it strikes a chord with anyone.


On stage there’s one of Zimmer’s go-to musicians Pedro Eustache playing a Lyricon (which must be an antique now) – into who knows what synth. Check him out playing it into a little modular skiff with maybe 8 modules (collab video with Eric Persing: Eric Persing & Pedro Eustache: EP-PE One - YouTube), and of course also playing his iconic modified chromatic and traditional Duduks.


Not so long ago, Behringer posted this video featuring Pedro Eustache and the Behringer (B)ARP 2600 (and others).

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Maybe let Hans Zimmer do some explaining…

How ‘Dune’ Composer Hans Zimmer Created the Oscar-Winning Score | Vanity Fair