Dumb Q about recording videos

If I use VCV recorder, it records all of the VCV screen. I guess the output pixel dimensions are whatever you have dragged VCV Rack to be?

It there any way to set a “standard” aspect ratio or size? Does VCV even tell you what its dimensions are?

1920X1080 is a fairly common video size. Is there any way to make all my videos come out that size? i.e. is there any way to set VCV to that size?

Full screen mode? (F11 on PC)

That would get them to a predictable size, which would be good. I want to be able to edit from one video to the next, which is of course much better if they are all the same size.

My monitor does happen to be at 3840 X 2160, so would generate quite a lot of video data. But could probably work… I guess if I were motivated enough I could set my display to 1920X1080…

get sizer 4
Sizer 4.0 by Brian Apps


Oh, I see I already asked this several years ago. At the time there was much interest, but no solution:

Thanks - that’s pretty cool. Seems weird that VCV recorder won’t do this for you, but that looks doable. tx again!

If Sizer isn’t working for you, there are other solutions here:

no, sizer looks pretty cool. My only curmudgeonly reluctance is the certainty that this capability should be build into VCV or recorder :wink: (at least I know of no other video recording programs that don’t let you set the size)


It’s open source - could you add NVENC support too ? :slight_smile:

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Oh, wait - I see that 3840X2160 is actually a good size for youtube…

Whenever I need to size windows, I use FreeRuler. It’s Mac only.

So it looks like there sizing VCV for recording is a common need, and there are lots of good tools for doing it.

Also, it would probably be a decent feature request for either VCV Rack or VCV Recorder, or both?

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Maybe “settings.json” in the rack executeable dir is adequate ?

I have this in my settings.json:

  "windowSize": [
  "windowPos": [