Drum pattern generator's like MI Grids

What else is out there for drum pattern generator’s that isn’t Valley Topograph / MI Grids?

Built to handle multiple percussion elements / accents?

Edit: looking for sequencers built with ‘a design philosophy’ of rhythm / percussion / drums / accent patterns

If there’s too many list your more interesting one / top 3?

Oh my goodness - there are so many good candidates in VCV Rack.

But given that I developed it, I have to recommend the Venom Rhythm Explorer, which is heavily inspired by the Vermona Random Rhythm Eurorack hardware module.

Rhythm Explorer does not have any dedicated accent outputs, but it has 8 channels of outputs (divisions), any one or more of which can be used for accent control. This will give repeating sequences of accents.

Or you can run your trigger sequence through a bernoulli gate (Venom Bernoulli Switch works) to get random accents.


I tend to agree. Of the thousands and thousands of modules out there probably half of them can make good pattern sequencers.

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Yeah but which specifically are built in mind for drums and have logic for “accents?”

Thanks! I’ll check that out!

Not got accent control, but Kompas is a nice Grids like rhythm trigger module. I have one in hardware, it’s a groovy little thing.

You can always introduce pseudo-random accents via implementation of some Branches modules

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Hexaquark

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To get acents, turn the Ramp knobs down to 0 and play with the Mute knobs.


I updated my original answer with a note about accents

How do you patch the Compass in your rack? Thanks!

How do you use it?

Send a clock signal into the top right port (labeled Clock) then each of the three other right hand outputs become triggers for drum voices (or whatever you want to drive), the three dials affect rhythmic ratios somehow (just play with them to discover different rhythms emphasising some of the outputs more than others). You can optionally also affect the ratios my sending cv to the left hand inputs.



Never used it, but this is based on Grids:

You have read the first sentence of this post didn’t you :wink:

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@Yeager ha, clearly not! But what’s wrong with Topograph? :slight_smile:

OK, answer number 2:

I don’t often make beats, but sometimes I use Seeds of Change. I think you map a /4 clock to the re-seed trigger for a repeating loop, then I use NYSTHI 208 random + inverter to send a random value to the seed input, which I map to a button. Then I can just keep hitting the button until I find a pattern I like.

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Horse a doodle Doo and polyoff is a perfect combo, you can throw in ADDR to select different patterns and wham all set. Love the sequencer, has become a real favorite. Simple and complex all at once.

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Check out the docb sequencers.

I really like this one:

There are factory presets for some common patterns. Brush up on your hex and binary.

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