Drive one instane of vcv using multiple tracks in Ableton

Hello there!

I’m wondering if there’s any way to use only one instance of vcv rack driven by multiple midi tracks in Ableton. I want to have a more hardware-like approach and use Ableton as a super sequencer.

Please tell me if you know how to do this or any resources that can help :slight_smile:


Assuming you’re talking about the VCV Pro plugin…

Stick a MIDI track down, put VCV on it. Create other MIDI tracks in Ableton and send the output of each to the VCV rack plugin on different MIDI channels.

Stick a MIDI-CV module in the rack for each distinct sequenced MIDI and take the V/Oct and gate from each into whatever oscillators and envelopes etc you want to use.

Yes it’s the pro plugin, you’re assuming right.

That’s the direction I was following but I think I didn’t send the outputs to the right channels. Now it seems to work fine thanks to your help.

Thank you for the quick answer!

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You can use the ableton “external instrument” to set the channels: here’s a basic example.


channel 1&2 from VCV can’t be routed to the “external instrument”, they return to the midi track the VCV plugin is in. The 7 other stereo pairs can go to the other channels set up with “external instrument” on seperate midi channels.

Ahh yes that’s a good way too! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.