It is one of the things to fix :slightly_smiling_face: I didn’t want to do it right away but I had already thought about doing it. Even the one in the VCA needs fixing, I don’t really like it the way it is.

The quantizer buttons maybe I change them, it’s the best I managed to do but I want to do better. They look like rubber buttons, instead they should be hard buttons

I’d be happy with the bright versions. Let me also add a question. (It’s more of a feature-question than a panel-design-question.) Why not this?

Please note the audio in/out sockets and the big knob for the curve types.

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I’ve never seen audio inputs / outputs in an envelope generator, are there any on Rack? So I use it and get a concrete idea. Or is it your request precisely because there are none?

What do you mean by “curve types”? Could you post me some graphic examples or tell me the same function on another module?

I’m not sure I understand your proposal perfectly.

In any case, as a start I will make a standard ADSR, which will be complicated enough for me, if I am successful, I promise that I will make these additions with the updates (but I need to understand your request perfectly)

See Vult Slap / Spank, envelope generators with built in VCAs.

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Oh, ok, so the last knob is the volume of the VCA and I misunderstood “curve types”? Or, does the knob manage the amount of envelope applied? (@FiroLFO )

As Ewen has already mentioned Vult Slap, Spank, and Bogaudio Sharper uses these in/out sockets. Whenever I’m patching a sound and I need quickly an envelope generator I tend to use Slap just to avoid the additional VCA and cables. (Obviously sometimes it gets replaced later on.)

Originally I thought that the curve knob could set the concave/convex feature (if any).

image image

But honestly I wouldn’t mind if the knob would provide some other feature. Like a VCA as you said. Or adding a fine noise to the envelope:


When it comes time to develop the modules we’ll talk about it again, it’s interesting! It would be nice to also add a unique function that is not present in other modules (I don’t know what that might be)

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Envelopes with built in VCAs are great.

I just got one of these in hardware - it’s like Maths in half the size, without the logic but with the addition of VCAs.


Update: For the moment I can’t find a way to use my components. I have to understand how to use the subclasses, I have made many attempts these days but I have not achieved anything. Maybe continuing to study and try, I will succeed, but not soon.

Using the original components I can somehow get by and continue development. I can always change the components in the future.



reproducing the mirror-effect on the side of the shape-knobs would be challenging

Last update: I figured out earlier than expected how to use my components. I can officially say that the trip to the complete collection begins. If you have any further suggestions, requests… Write, I will try to please you. Now I disappear until the end of development. :smiley:



Oooh, love the (light) light!

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Something I just noticed tonight (using other plugins, not the one under discussion here) is that when you adjust the “Room Brightness” in the view menu, some LEDs disappear. Even when their colour is different from the background, the value is can be so similar at some brightness settings that I can barely tell where they are. It helps if they are large or have a dark bezel.

[Later] One such culprit is the VCV “Sequential Switch 4 to 1”. I have to zoom in to see which input is selected. Another is the LEDs under the ADSR knobs in BOGAUDIO’s “FM-OP”. Those, at least, tend to flicker so most of the time they are black when off, so not such a big deal. They do light up nicely in Dark Mode though.

About the quantizer buttons in TON - there’s no real need to make them red. In Dark Mode it just serves to reduce contrast with the shading, making it harder to tell if the sharps and flats are pushed or not.

Progress… I have about 20 themes but i still can’t figure out how to add (working!) menu to change themes. there is something to fix, something to add, something to change, but the plugin is finally starting to take shape



these look so clean and nice. very much looking forward to trying this plugin!

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All these oscillators are recompiled one by one, I absolutely have to understand how the menus work to be able to compress everything

Cattura1 Cattura2 Cattura3


If I were you I would look at how Geodesics or CountModula handles theme changes and preferences.

The Bogaudio system is quite robust, and The Impromptu one is good.

what do you need to know about menus? These look nice, but do you really want to make a VCO where FM is only one or the other (linear vs exponential)? can’t do Vibrato and FM synthesis? Also, a lot of space taken up with the knobs - why not have a octave control? I prefer octave, semitone, and fine, but I realize maybe not everyone does.

Does that giant “PW” knob only affect the “SQR” output?

Indeed; he did mention that he’s got 20 odd themes. It was on that basis that I mentioned those two esp. CountModula. But Bogaudio or Impromptu should serve just as well.

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