Download free plugins

Hey guys I m new here in the community of VCV … Have a question. Wanna download some free plugins for my rack, but if I press the blue free button it turns to red and I cannot download it … What do I wrong, or isnt the stuff not as free as it will be offered here … Thx Chezz

Hi and welcome to the Rack. The buttons you press enable syncing this module to your Rack. Install Rack, then click on the “Library” menu item. Enter your VCV account credentials and once you click Update all, every plugin you picked online will be automatically downloaded and installed for you.


By pressing the button on the library page, you mark the plugin to be downloaded by Rack itself the next time you open it. (You also need to be logged in via Rack.)

Hey guys thx for request. I will try it :smile:

It worked … Thx

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