Down to Earth

This is the last track of my EP Dreaming Fungi.

This album is built around the sequencer of the KeyStep from Arturia, the Neutron from Behringer, and Interzone and the Cosmic Oscillator in VCV Rack. The KeyStep is sending a clock to VCV Rack, and also sequencing Interzone and the Neutron. With the Midilar controller, I control the mixer in VCV Rack, and also a few more parameters like the cutoff point of Interzone’s filter and the phase distortion amount of the Cosmic Oscillator.


great, love it!

say, can the keystep send multiple sequences on different channels at the same time? I might need this thing as well… :slight_smile:

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No, the KeyStep cannot send multiple sequences… If you want to do something like this, you can check out the BeatStep Pro, which is quite a beast…

Ok, thanks, I couldn’t tell if this was the same sequence playing on both systems in your video…
I already got a BSP a couple days ago and it’s great for Rack, but I’m thinking about the Keystep because I could use additional melodic sequencers…will see if I need this one, too or not… :slight_smile:

That is exactly why I got it. I got also the BSP first, but I wanted also a way to improvise more and have a small keyboard so I got also the Keystep. I have to say, I got way more than what I was expecting…