Donation for Medical expenses of a member

Hi, I know this was already posted on the FB group, and It might be redundant or even inefficient, or even troubling for someone, but I cannot let from making an attempt.

A member of the community needs help Fundraiser by Help Damien : Help Damien Get Blood Transfusion

Anyone who can contribute will be great, it is almost there.


Your title reads very strange in English - it seems you wish to spy on them! - perhaps “Fundraiser to help get a member a blood transfusion” would be better?


@toviaj thank You for posting this on the forum.


I was confused by it too (maybe because i’m not a native english speaker).

Anyway, i took the liberty to edit the title. Hope Damien will be able to get his transfusion .

Heard he was in Manila ? Wish him the best !


I though the meaning of surveillance as something like surviving, sorry haha thanks for the editing!

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A couple of people have asked whether they can donate to Damien’s fund via PayPal. It doesn’t seem like there’s a direct way to do that, so I’ve made a couple of donations on other people’s behalf, and they’ve sent the money to me via PayPal.

I’m very happy to do that for anyone else who’d like me to (and because I know I’m just some guy on the internet, I’m happy to make the donation before you PayPal any money to me).


looks like this hit its target👍

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