Domino's Journey

My journey with VCV Rack started with my computer telling me when to stop working on each tune. A few days later I finally got a tune finished before the computer decided I was done. Gave it another listen today and still like it. So here’s Space Monkey: SpaceMonkey.vcv (54.3 KB)

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After hearing nothing but random bleeps for a few days trying my hand at the PolyTuring patch challenge I was ready for something different. So I decided to play with the MIDI players to practice making sounds more than developing drum and note patterns.

While I’m very happy with how the 1st one came out, it’s one I want to redo when I’m better with VCV. So I’m keeping that one under my hat for now.

For my 2nd one I wanted something to celebrate that the public domain started growing again this year, so looked to 1923 to choose a song.

I was happy to discover that the hit dance ‘The Charleston’ was now public domain and thought it’d be an interesting choice to experiment with.

I ended up going more traditional than I planned, but like the music hall feel I ended up with. The strange contrast of a Rack playing flapper music amuses me too :slight_smile:

Charleston.vcv (53.2 KB)

Midi file


This is a piece I came up with trying out some plugins I got in the sale. I couldn’t afford all the ones I wanted so I’ve called it “Black Friday Blues” :slight_smile:

BlackFridayBlues.vcv (88.8 KB)

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