Dolby Atmos and Rack

Hey Peeps, Anyone interested in spatial audio? I’ve been dancing around it for a while now, messing around with binaural spatial plugins. Dolby Atmos for music is getting to consumers via Apple Music, and Dolby Atmos for creators is becoming more accessible. Add this with the V2 Plug and I’m guessing a few more people might be interested in Rack and spatialisation? Thoughts?

I play with quad/5.1 mixes, interested in hearing of your binaural/atmos experiences

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I’d love to see/use/make an ambisonics suite in Rack. The formulas aren’t too difficult, and 3rd order ambisonics requires 16 audio channels, which is exactly the size of polyphonic cables in Rack!


This an amazing idea!! As I’m just a humble composer and have no idea how all you amazing people create software. I will have to wait for this idea to catch on.

I just finished one. Still learning the Dolby Atmos ropes. Now that it’s integrated into Logic I’m going to hit it hard.

Do you have a 5.1 setup?

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Yes, I output to an 5.1 AV receiver. And I record 5.1 FLAC files.