Does VCV Rack have an additive oscillator module with 16+ partials?

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I would like a module where I am able to enter the db values of the individual partials similar to Absynth or Ableton’s Operator.

Mentions of similar modular appreciated.

I am aware of Jette which has 8 partials and bogaudio’s module which seems pretty cool, but not really deterministic enough.

My Chebyshev is like that. But it only has 10. Use two? They use very little cpu.

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Maybe Blamsoft XFX:

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Is there a way of using 2 modules and sort of continue the fundamental of one module? E.g. Fundamental 1 is 100hz, f2 is 200 hz up to 1000 and then the next module picks up from 1100-2000hz. EDIT: Was wrong about something.

Hey Ahornberg

That looks like a fair solution, though I’d love to have db values for the individual partials, but 26 partials is great. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, that what tun tuning knob does.

I think stoermelder has one. Not sure on number of channels, it could be 16. I think it might be called Cheb.


I don’t think he has any oscillators. Cheb sound like my Chebyshev?

There’s also my Harmonizer. It’s CV only but you can add up to 16 CV values (pitch and volume) for inharmonic partials and send them to a sine wave generator.

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You could use polyphony to create your own?
edit: oops, see above

It’s not released but in his experimental Pack Gamma

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.31.31 AM

Cheb12 sounds pretty sweet.


I’d have a look at Nysthi Phasor.


there’s also this one


also this one from bidoo:

It looks a bit complicated, but if you read the manual or watch a tutorial it’s actually quite comfortable and very powerful… you can create your own wavetables with additive synthesis, waveshaping and morphing, with a nice graphic display.

Hi, wouldn’t fit NYSTHI’s Phasor? It’s basically an additive synth sporting16 oscillators and almost absurdely deep control over the partials behaviour. Cheers!



that’s a wonderful module, I never seen it !


do you code blindfolded?


I think I’m starting to forget my modules older than 3 years everything is going to fade away

I’m going to reinvent all of them as a new discover ! maybe writing documents ? NAaaa, I’m already bored


I’m wagering Antonio doesn’t waste time looking at the modules he makes, when they compile he moves on to the next one! :stuck_out_tongue: