Does the toolchain support both mac architectures?


Does the current build toolchain generate plugins for both mac architectures? There is no mention that I could see on the github page, and the readme still talks about three platforms.

Sorry if this is a dumb question - I haven’t used the toolchain in a long time.

yes, as long as it’s built against minimum of Rack 2.4.1 API

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So it outputs four different “plugins”? (sorry, I haven’t looked at what a mac plugin looks like these days - don’t know if there are two separately packages or a “fat binary”.)

2 separate binaries, one being -mac-x64.vcvplugin and the other -mac-arm64.vcvplugin

So the notes in the readme that mention “three” are just wrong. Ok, nice.

It is not wrong. It doesn’t talk about architectures, only Windows, Mac, and Linux.

good point. it is not wrong. It’s not exactly obvious that a single make for “mac” is going to yield two plugins, but it’s fine, of course. Super nice that it works :wink:

I will update the documentation to clarify though since we now should mention that for one platform (so far) we support multiple architectures.

Now get back to developing those anti-aliased plugins, mister. :wink:


Thanks! and fwiw, I don’t plan on making any DSP type modules as Squinktronix. Although, that said, I did make one, but never finished it…

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Release or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile: