Does anyone else here use VCV Rack to design separate sounds in the DAW instead of using it for generative music?

I’ve never been interested in using VCV Rack to create self-generating patches as I feel that music made by modular synths is often too repetitive and boring for my taste. However, I’ve found VCV Rack to be really useful to create/design separate sounds in my DAW. I love composing music in my piano and then translating that composition to my DAW. I love sequencing my own stuff and then use VCV Rack to design those sounds using FM Synthesis or Wavetables. VCV Rack offers tons of possibilities to play with the oscillators and such. I love synthesizing drums too. How many of you use VCV Rack this way instead of programming generative patches? To use more as a Synth VST instead of doing everything inside VCV Rack.


I never do everything inside VCV Rack, even when it wasn’t yet VST compatible. I enjoy also doing patches that generate complex stuff inside VCV, but still render those out to use as layers and elements in some finished whole. Now that VCV works as a plugin, too, I use it as a sound source in the manner you describe, and also as an effect plugin to process other audio, as it’s extremely versatile when used like that as well. (I work both in music and sound design, VCV is very useful for both).