Doepfer Wasp experiments

Omri posted a cool demo of various techniques using the wonderful Doepfer Wasp filter. For a short while there was a community topic about the video here. I’m not sure why it was removed.

I had bought the filter a while ago, yet hadn’t really used it much. Omri’s video inspired me to experiment with the Wasp, and below are some fun results.

Experiment #1 - Recurse Wasp

One of Omri’s patches demonstrated some wicked distortion of percussion using multiple Wasps. As long as you don’t need to have different LP/HP ratios and or resonance, then you can use my Venom Recurse module coupled with Wasp polyphony to achieve up to 16 filter passes in series. Not only does this save considerable space, it also reduces CPU usage by a factor of 4 due to Wasp’s use of SIMD instructions. The Recurse module also makes it convenient to dial in and/or modulate the input gain for each filter pass. My patch uses nearly 50/50 mix of low pass and high pass, which for some reason requires considerable gain to get any response. I chose to create a gnarly distorted guitar sound rather than distorted drums.

Recurse Wasp.vcv (2.8 KB)

Experiment #2 - Rampaging Wasps

In this experiment I decided to generate all sounds via Rampage pinging Wasps in high pass mode. It creates a fun percussive jam.

One of the Rampage channels in cycle mode functions as a clock to drive a gate sequencer and to sync the delay for the 4th voice.

The first voice is a kick with a lengthened decay for the ping.

The second snare voice has the ping shape fully counterclockwise, which leads to some nice trailing high frequency chatter - perfect for the snare. Note that the trailing chatter is highly dependent on the VCV sample rate. I recorded using 48 kHz, though 44.1 kHz also works well (with a longer tail). Higher than 48 kHz causes the chatter to disappear.

For the third “boing” voice I managed to find a combination of parameter settings that were unstable, resulting in some nice chaotic pitch changes. I duck this voice via side chain compression of the kick.

The fourth raspy voice runs the 3rd voice output through another Wasp, and then through the delay.

Rampaging Wasps.vcv (3.5 KB)


Haha, Rampaging Wasps sounds like it would make a pretty good Magic the Gathering card! Takes me right back to my highschool days :slight_smile:

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I made a couple of patches with Wasp, but made no videos so I will upload the patches. I stripped them of all but the Wasp section, so that you can clearly hear the waspalicious noise I made! :smiley: WASP_01.vcv (22.6 KB) WASP_02.vcv (21.3 KB)

How did you managed to get the yellow and black skin??? :open_mouth:

Enable “Use dark panels if available” option in VCV View menu.

Prior to VCV 2.4 there was a Wasp context menu option to select the skin. I wish Wasp gave you the choice to honor the VCV dark panel setting, or to ignore the VCV setting and pick a specific skin.

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:heart_eyes: Thank you!!!