Doepfer oscillators emulated in VCV?

I tried to ask before if anyone could tell me if VCV Rack has Doepfer module emulations they can tell me about and never learned of any similar modules except Vult modules. Is anyone aware of modules other than Vult that emulate the Doepfer? I’m deciding if I want to buy Doepfer modules in a hardware eurorack and I’m curious to try software emulations 1st.

As far as I know, no there aren’t any emulations of Doepfer oscillators.

It would be a good move to for someone to code them in VCV Rack I think then.

They were announced to be coming but that was a long time ago now. There is a the Wasp filter but that’s it.

I tried the Voltage Modular Doepfer modules and although they are rich and quality enough to be interesting I think that I am planning on passing on building a hardware Doepfer eurorack. I tried various things with the Doepfer Quad Oscillator and no matter what settings I tried I never achieved that classic 60’s/70’s/Berlin sound. I manage to make something fun, though. I always go a bit left field electronica when I try to make my Berlin/Vintage sequencing. Can’t figure it.

Most of that “sound” will probably be in the fx they’ve applied to the raw oscillator sound. Like to name some obvious: filters, delays/chorus/flanger, phasers, saturations, reverbs, and morph inbetween all. No oscillator will sound like that on its own :slight_smile:

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…I hope that many more Doepfer modules arrive, I purchased the filter a few days ago and it is already among my favourites, I don’t have much money to spend but calmly I intend to invest almost all of it in Racks, so hardware producers out there, I invite you to collaborate with VCV to create the software versions and you will create a double business!

If it helps, there are some videos on the subject - this one is from 2019 but could be adapted;