Doepfer Dark Energy Patch with PatchMaster Panel

Hi folks, I already made a patch for a Doepfer Dark Energy a long time ago, originally mainly for my “VCV Rack get’s physical” project (A different kind of controller - #2 by soundismovement). I didn’t share the project before because the operation, without my hardware controller, was confusing. With the new wonderful PatchMaster modules you can now create the ideal user interface, and I thought maybe someone would be interested in the patch or have some suggestions for improvement. I have never touched a real Dark Energy and have created the patch purely according to the manual and the function diagram. Dark Energy II. My focus was mainly to reproduce the functions of the Dark Energy as faithfully as possible. This limits the choice of modules a lot. For example, except for the Nozoid modules, I could not find any LFOs that have the required three ranges. I operate them with 48kHz instead of the actually required 96kHz, but that’s o.k… They just get slower with lower sample rates. Of course you could use other LFOs but that would complicate the patch even more. For the filter I used a Vult Unstabile with 12dB at the beginning, this is a little matter of taste, especially if you don’t know the original sound. The oscillator is a Squinky Labs Functional VCO which I use often and with pleasure and which has the appropriate inputs/outputs and controls for the application.
There are some more functions like a PatchMaster switch to switch the octave range (in the original a jumper) or a PatchMaster switch to switch the input sources (keyboard, sequencer etc.) for V/Oct and Gate comfortably.

Here is the patch: Dark Energy - Panel with PatchMaster.vcv (30.9 KB)


I tried something similar recently to use PatchMaster for a setup similar to Vital. I got lost in some detail or another, but might need to look at it again.

I downloaded your patch and gave it a try. Certainly fun to play with. I connected a PathSet Grid to one of the controller inputs and it makes a great bass. Thanks for sharing!

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