Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter

In collaboration with Doepfer and Cytomic, VCV is announcing the Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter for VCV Rack, a unique, chaotic, and dirty CMOS-based SVF filter. Features 2 panel themes, low CPU, and hardware-accurate analog circuit simulation.


$15 at VCV - Doepfer


Well that’s an easy purchasing decision, I’m having a blast with it already! Congrats on the release. :partying_face:


There’s no buy or add button for me?

try here…

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Thanks, got it now.

Yes! Exciting to have Doepfer arriving in VCV. Once I’ve got some spare cash I’ll be grabbing this, thanks you!

a collaboration between Cytomic and Doepfer for VCV



Very nice. Are we expecting more Doepfer/Cytomic collaborations?

Yes :slight_smile:

We haven’t picked the rest of the modules yet.


Yes, I would like to see the A-101-6 as VCV module :star_struck:

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I’ve been intrigued by many Doepfer modules so just hoping to try them out. The A107 multitype morphing filter, A196 phase locked loop, A137 wave multipliers, A171 slew generators etc

Great work on this. It sounds awesome, looking forward to more Doepfer goodness and I picked up your tube screamer beta this evening, so looking forward to putting that through its paces too.


Will the rest of Doepfer modules be priced individualy? or will it be a bundle?

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I can confirm sounds very hardware accurate. I remember going through every filter in VCV to find something that would come close to this sound, great to know that my search is finally over, great great Module!

We’re not really sure how best to handle things. Ideally I’d like for people to be able to buy individual modules and if they add up to the price of the bundle you get the whole bundle, but that sort of thing isn’t in place yet. I’ve got lots of other work on as well, so we’ll just see how things go and when new modules are finished and take it from there.


This is a gamechanger! Please port A-106-5 SEM and A-105 SSM filter next. I have all three of these in hardware and they are amazing. SSM is the filter used in Prophet 5 and Mono/Poly and others.

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There is a bit of a problem with doing the A-105 SSM filter in that they don’t make them any more so can’t really send me one, and if they did I would have to somehow reverse engineer the SSM2044 filter chip - of which there are some details in the patent filings, but all up it’s probably not going to happen!

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I thought the A-122 which had a Curtis chip and their CEM 3320 the ‘Prophet 5’ filter, but apparently we’re both right as that’s what they used in the P5 Rev 3, SSM in Revs 1 and 2.

While the A-105 isn’t being made anymore, the quad version A-105-4 is. It’s just four chips vs one, so it might be possible?

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Simple question:

Is the plan for these modules to be released individually with their own prices or is it for the whole lineup as it comes?