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the Boston Dynamic people

I had to share this

happy holidays!


Love when the dog rocks up.

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Not saying it isn’t real at all, don’t get me wrong, just saying that, it’s hard not to have a little doubt after watching this:

And these special FX people have more clips. Amazing work.


They were just bougth by Hyundai. I’m pretty sure there robodog is being studied for military usage.

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I find Boston Dynamics robots creepy AF.

Call in ECCO! The Solid-State Intelligence is taking over!

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Wishing you all a great new year, in spite of corona and everything. There’s light at the end of the tunnel folks!

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I’ve seen that before. :astonished:

The two moves that really impressed me was the first robot jumping with quarter-turn, both feet off the floor, and coming to a landing without staggering; and how at times Spot (the dog-bot) would be bobbing and weaving, but kept its head perfectly still, like a SteadiCam.

They look creepy because they are getting close to natural human moves.

See Uncanny valley - Wikipedia for the explanation. The same phenomenon applies to people’s reactions to clowns, dolls with moving eyes, ventriloquists’ dummies, etc. If C3PO walked more smoothly he’d be way creepier than he is. R2D2 does not look at all human, so he’s merely cute.