Do we have a module with "radio-buttons"?

I am unsure if the “mental” modules are available and running on windows 10 and Rack V2. Among other things, there was a module called “Radiobuttons” that had the name-giving function and was very useful. Do we have a similar module from another developer? I can’t find any other in the library.

What does Radiobuttons exactly do?

There are 2 groups of 7 in- and out-ports. In each froup unly one in-out-connection can be active at a given time (like radio buttons on an oldschool radio).

A radio button has always only one position with a selection of e.g. 3 possibilities. I think it comes from the old radios where the radio band was selected with it, see photo.
In the case of the “mental” module there are two separate switches with a selection of maximum seven positions.



Maybe ‘Switch 8 8’ by Bogaudio can do the same if in the context menu the following options are checked:

  • Exclusive switching by rows
  • Exclusive switching by columns

Thank you. I did not know the context menu.

Maybe ‘1-8-1’ by catronomix does a better job. At the top of this module there is a rotary switch that does the trick.

Thank you, I am using this module at the moment. But the function is not as intuitive as with a toggle switch. The “mental” module was optimal because you could click on it and it is very slim.

I only recently learned of this module, and I really like the concept - I had been looking for something like it for a while. I just wish it supported polyphony :frowning:

radio-buttons.vcvs (16.4 KB)


I think the SWITCH81 or SWITCH18 module is closer (with exclusive mode enabled).

But they allow either selecting one of 8 inputs to be routed to a single output, or a single input routed to one of 8 outputs. The Mental has multiple in/out pairs, and only one pair can be enabled at a time.

If the 8x8 had a mode that allowed only a single button to be activated at a time, then it would then match the mental radio buttons functionality as long as you restricted yourself to a single diagonal.

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the cage can be a
a 1 to 12 switch
a 12 to 1 switch
a 12 to 12 bridges
a 12 single trig
a 12 single gate
actvable like a radio button
with keyboard
with pulse
with cv
with quantize mode



radio-buttons-extra.vcvs (11.6 KB)

radio-buttons-extra-extra.vcvs (24.9 KB)

Thank you very much for your suggestion. In principle, this would be very good, but you can not see the “switch position”. I think the Bogaudio “Switch81”, as suggested above by @DaveVenom, comes closest. But by the way, what is a “vcvs” file used for, and how is it normally loaded? I could open the file only with the Windows Explorer “Open with…” dialog with Rack.exe.

Import selection

Thank you very much. That’s good to know.