Do old posts go away?

I was recently searching for the old thread where Andrew said that my modules were unfinished and unprofessional, and that’s why they had never been featured in “new this month in VCV”. I used to be able to find that post, but now I can’t any more. Are old posts removed eventually?

  1. No, posts aren’t deleted after a certain amount of time. I never said your modules were unfinished or unprofessional.

  2. I’ve featured your modules twice in monthly VCV social media posts. ( and Most plugins were only featured once in our “New this month” series.

  3. I’ve received 3 complaints just today about your trolling and rudeness (resulting in your comments being removed), and dozens in this year. Many people have been asking you to stop but you continue to be rude to members asking honest questions, so I’m unfortunately going to have to suspend your VCV forum account. As forum administrator, I need to make decisions where all choices have disadvantages, and unfortunately right now it is a decision of you vs. many users. If you can show me a change of behavior in the future, I’ll reconsider but for now, it is best for you to take a break from this community.


My apologies, I’ve just realized that the above mentioned complaints/reports were regarding a comment you made last year, not today. Because I don’t think it’s fair to suspend you based on a comment you made over a year ago, I have un-suspended you.

With that said, please be kind to other members. I’ve seen some borderline derogatory comments made recently here and on Discord. Please put yourself in their shoes before hitting “Send”.


I don’t want to start anything here, as I haven’t read everything in the forum, or seen people’s complaints, but I just wanted to say that there have been many threads where I’ve greatly appreciated Squinky’s contributions and perspective.

Though, at the same time, these fora don’t belong to us, and we post here at the pleasure of a busy host whose time is wasted if it has to be spent solving and peacemaking between squabbles here.

There is so much of value here in these discussions, and so few genuinely mean-spirited trolls, I hope that people can more-often settle their issues amicably through communication with each other.

But all that said, I can respect this decision and also respect all the more rescinding it for the stated reasons.

Personally, I appreciate being a part of a forum that has a wide age and experience range, with some gruff and talented elders ‘schooling the kids’ on the way things should be done. But nobody should get hurt, or turned off from making music or from taking their first steps to program their own modules.

Anyway, I worry maybe I shouldn’t post this, and if this adds to the tension or disagreement, I’ll delete it if possible. But I appreciate having a friendly forum with differently kind-spirited personality types in it.


I think i found the thread in question.