do i need to uninstall a github beta build of a plugin to install a newer build?

I am unsure what exactly I might have to do before I attempt to install Stoermelders newest pack tau build. The one I have has been on my computer for a while and is missing some of the cool new stuff. Iv’e downloaded plugins from github a number of times but never a newer build of the same plugin.

Thanks for any help.

Have you an older version installed of the packtau ? The latest is 30e0 from github. You could make a backup of the “old” plugin (just zip the folder and move it to a safe place).

TLDR, no you don’t have to uninstall the beta build. (PS the build 30e0 is dated nov 24 2022, 1 year old)

Oh, and the folder plugin does not work in V2 it leaves artifacts.

Wires going nowhere.

Yes, unfortunately I found no solution for this in v2.

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so sad to hear.