DIY external monitor from laptop screen

Hi everyone,

today i decided to transform an old laptop screen into an external monitor.
The process was really very easy, and the result is great.
So great, that i decided to share it with anyone who is interested in that sort of DIY thing.

The kit needed for the laptop screen can be found on ebay, and delivery was within 10 days all the way from China.

You can find plenty of video’s online on how to disassemble your old laptop with a decent screen,
it makes no sense to take a very very old screen, check the specs of your screen, and that it can at least handle 1920x1080 or 1280 x 800 .

After emailing back and forth a couple of times, letting the seller know what screen i had.
They pre-configured the kit for the type of screen i have, and connected the wires already.

The menu of the software was also set to English, which was a nice touch.
Instead of letting you stress with Chinese menu’s :joy:

All in all it was very easy to do, and turned an old piece of hardware that was lying around, into something usable!

Happy patching!


Awesome! :+1:

Thanks Jon! :slight_smile: