Displaying scroll-able text?

Hello everyone. For my Groovebox module, I’m thinking of popping up a window that display a change log when the module is updated. Something like this:


Has anyone done anything like this that I can copy?


The basic idea would be to put a ScrollWidget on your module. If I remember right the ScrollWidget has two children, one is the scrollbar and the other is the container. Put your text widget inside the container and that shoukd do it.

You’ll need to measure the text you write in order to set the correct size for your widget. I think the scrolling is controlled by the bounding box of your content.

Its a while since i did anything like that. I used it in my DO-1xx modules.

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The Core MIDI Map module uses a scrollbar. See the code from line 424 downwards:

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Thanks @Ahornberg and @carbon14 !

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