Disabling/enabling patch sections during a performance--ideas?

So I have a long (1-2hr) performance coming up and we need to make a big transition in the middle to something that ideally would be a separate patch–but we need to do it without a break. I’m running into serious CPU issues if all the modules for the whole performance are enabled at the same time. Ideally, I’d just have the components needed for the transition part disabled when they weren’t needed and then bring them onboard at the appropriate time. But the only way I know to do that is to select stuff with the mouse and bypass/unbypass…which is cumbersome and fraught with screw-up potential in a live situation. Is there a way to automate this (or at least automate the selection process–like group modules and select a group) and map to a controller or? What workarounds have people tried?


use stoermelder strip! it will turn all continuous modules to its side on and off (enabling/disabling). it can be used with cv too. :slight_smile:

I use it often in a momentary glitch effects chain, as the signal will continue through modules as if they are bypassed when turned off by strip.

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Thank you! i’d forgotten about Strip but somehow I knew there must be a way. Thanks!!

i did this in a recent performance, had three big patches all in one patch, and used buttons to turn each strip on and off. kind of annoying how you end up with big long horizontal patches but it worked

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you can make multiple strips triggered by a single source. (meaning you could have multiple rows)


Oh my God I can’t believe I never figured that out. Thank u !

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