Disable ctrl + click input new functionality? + a small rant

So my workflow has been ruined since new “mix several cables in one input” feature was released and I wonder if it’s possible to change it back somewhere in settings (found nothing) or should I make a feature request.

What I did for years: I have a cable from A to B, I need to send A to C but I need to scroll to get to A. So I ctrl+click B and get a new cable to plug into C. This is very similar to how stackables work in real-life rack - despite new cable still leading to A, I can still “plug” into the other end and drag to new destination. What happens now: I get a new cable ending in B, obviously I forget about this new feature and drag it to C only to find out that I can’t plug it there because it’s input to input and now I get very angry :frowning:

I wonder if there’s an option to at least resume the old ctrl + click input behaviour?

What makes it even more annoying for me (and I understand that I enter “personal preference” territory now, hence the rant warning) is that this new feature seems completely useless for my workflow. It’s confusing to have output to output cables, it’s extremely rare I want to mix 2 things without the possiblity to adjust their mix (and if it arises later you have to reassemble the whole thing) and it’s counterintuitive to anyone who worked with physical Eurorack. Now, I’m not the person who thinks that VCV should replicate all features of Eurorack (polyphony and stoermelder forever and ever), but violating the “only rule of modular synths” (no output-to-output connection - yes I know that nothing gets damaged this way) seems like a big no-go for me. Rant over, sorry for your time :slight_smile: Let me know if you share my sentiment so I feel less alone :slight_smile:


Shift + CTRL + click.

Thanks, that works! :slight_smile: Now the only thing left to wonder is why juggle shortcuts around instead of using a new shortcut for a new behaviour… :thinking:


The reasoning is explained in this post:

We understand why it should work the same on inputs and outputs. But it would have been less disruptive to the workflow of existing users had Ctrl-Drag and Shift-Ctrl-Drag behaviors been reversed. Then Ctrl-Drag behavior on output ports would not have changed.

The change is an unnecessary minor hassle, but we will get used to the change and eventually forget all about it.


Well at least now I know I’m not alone, just 2 years late to the party…