Disable and Bypass

Hello everyone.

Is there a utility that allows the disabling of a module, but still allows the audio to run through it like a bypass.

I am aware of bypass modules. Would like to actually disable and bypass.

I am aware of aux sends. This need extends beyond effects.

Thanks in advance for your time

not sure how that would even work, but maybe @stoermelder has some ideas

Yeah I feel like I’ve been bugging him for weeks.

Most of my issues tend to come down to stoermelder utilities.

Sorry Ben.

what you are proposing sounds simple, but runs into the reality of how modules work. What does bypass even mean? Internally, every port you see is an in or out - even CV ports, there is nothing that signifies that an input is special other than how the module is written to do something with those inputs and outputs

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Yes your right. I understand.

What Eric said, plus „bypass routing“ will come in Rack v2.

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Thanks for this. So even if an active feature, all current modules do not support?

Only the module itself can know what it would even mean to “bypass” it.


Like it says in the notes “Developers can specify…” that means we need to now, well, specify :slight_smile: Unfortunately, we can’t do that until the 2.0 API is released.

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