Digitakt sequencing VCV + MindMeld MixMaster

I know I’m kind on the headroom… just wanted to share anyway, I love MixMaster! Digitakt is sequencing this VCV patch btw.

@steve @marc_boule HEROES!

Have a great weekend ya’ll!


That’s lovely!

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Nice and smooth Omar! Have a great weekend as well :slight_smile:

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Omar!? Mean Omri? :wink: Yes, probably right to mention him as well, huge inspiration! @Omri_Cohen

Oh man, sorry @SpaceTraffic, I mistook your id for Omar Brown’s, my bad. So the comment is for you then: it’s still nice and smooth, and wishing you a great weekend as well! :slight_smile:

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haha… that’s fun. Omar is fresh! :wink: later bros… a whole weekend ahead to enjoy the MixMaster… man amazed of the sound coming out of it, the filter input thing… this mixer as a hardware module would be world dominion! Just sayin’ Cheers!


Cool :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Marc!

Another one… with that super mixer from MindMeld @steve and @marc_boule

I think I found this setup with the Digitakt smoother… Weird thou i have to send Gates to that trigger sequencer… if I send clock from Digitakt the FM won’t response… Anyway… whatever. Cheers!