Difference In 2.1.0 Ctrl-Drag?

I updated to 2.1.0 and Control/Option-Mouse Select & drag behavior changed. In 2.0.6, if you Ctrl-Click-Dragged a module it would push any module in it’s way. So you could get rid of empty space in patch row by Ctrl-Click-Dragging it to push the other modules together.

Now it seems to do nothing and the regular click-Drag will put the module anywhere and shove everything else around. That’s kind of … good? That new behavior is documented in the changelog:

  • Change behavior of force-moving modules so that other modules return to original position while dragging.

But it doesn’t appear that Ctrl-Click-Drag does anything

see here


Yep, on VCV Rack 2.1.2 and Cmd-drag does nothing now… Mac OS 12.3.1

De- or re activate “Auto-squeeze algo”


Yup, on my machine it works fine with Auto-Squeeze off

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