Difference between Plugin and Module

am reading various manifest about developing this for example, and talk about .slug and .modules[].slug so there is a difference between plugin and module, but am cant understand, can anyone help me ?

many thanks at all

Module: a rectangle that you place in the rack, same as IRL modular

Plugin: a collection of modules that all get updated together. You can see all available plugins here: VCV Library - Plugins

To make it more concrete, I develop the computerscare plugin, which has 17 modules in it: VCV Library - computerscare


so plugin can be seen like all the production of a determinate manifacturer and the module like the VCO of that manifacturer ? or i have to see the “plugin” like a series of modules e.g. a group of synths voice inspired by the most iconic synths of all times, ?

The first is the most common thing. Developers can make multiple plugins, or just a single one. Most devs make a single plug-in and keep adding modules.it’s less work that way.

oh, many thanks

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