Developing a plugin. How to load it?

I’m converting an old plugin I wrote for VCV 0.6 (which worked on that version).

I now seem to have got it compiling on the new version 2.3, up to and including the

make dist

which creates me a directory with plugin.json,, a res subdir with my svg backgrounds, and a License file.

So how do I now add this to my Rack?

I’ve copied this dist folder into .Rack2 in my home directory where it looks like this


But when I run my copy of Rack, it doesn’t seem to see my plugin.

Does make install install it correctly?

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What’s in the log? Search for SlowControllers

Ah. That’s useful.

I found out

a) I should be using version number of Rack, not my 0.1 of my plugin


b) a capitalization difference in my code from the manifest.

Both now fixed and at least I can see my plugin.




I recommend reading VCV Manual - Migrating v1 Plugins to v2