Developer wanted for next fundraiser: libpd backend for VCV Prototype

After two successful fundraisers for Audible Instruments Liquid Filter and EQ Filter, I am now looking for a C/C++ developer capable of integrating libpd, the Pure Data embeddable library, into VCV Prototype as our third crowdsourced project.

This project involves the following tasks.

  • Write a Make target that builds libpd from an archive or git submodule on Windows/Mac/Linux. As an example, see the duktape target in the VCV Prototype Makefile.
  • Write a LibpdEngine class in a new LibpdEngine.cpp file that subclasses the ScriptEngine class and implements all behavior.
  • Test your backend by making a few PureData patches in examples/ and tests/ and loading them with VCV Prototype. Prototype’s automatic reloading feature means that when saving a patch with PureData while Prototype is currently running it in Rack, it will be reloaded automatically without interrupting the Rack patch.

Previous fundraisers have raised around $600 each, but the fundraiser goal can be set to anything you like, which of course affects the probability of the project being underfunded. VCV typically collects 20% of funds for fundraiser and project maintenance, but if you are willing to maintain your libpd Prototype backend to fix bugs, make compatibility updates, and consider some user feature requests, I will pass on 100% of funds after payment fees.

Since Prototype is licensed under GPLv3+, you should use this license for your code as well. Email to adopt this project and discuss funding.


Awesome. I hope someone picks this up because as soon as pd runs in VCV I will be off to the races

Sent you a mail, we are already working at it.


Honestly this sounded like something I could do, but I’m glad Max is on it so I don’t have to :wink:

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I also responded, as the one who ported the quickjs javascript engine, but if there’s someone more capable than me, please do it.

otherwise, let me know.

[editing to add, it’s pretty straightforward]