Der Flötenspieler


Really like the take on your music by embedding it in a concept with other forms of art. It’s not only the music but also drawings and a little poem. Keep it up :slight_smile:

By the way, just as a side note, you might consider what @larsbjerregaard said on the your last post:

You might consider making a permanent topic for your music and clips, say “hallo’s music”, like other musicians here. A lot of us appreciate that and it helps with a bit of order and overview.

I also like the recordings you posted on your soundcloud, great work :wink:

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A happier New Year to you Peter! I like the flute sound you have created, a nice use of Instruo’s oscillators and other modules, I might try to get the same sound using the same modules on Windows 10. Stay safe and sound, hope u and yours stay well.

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Many thanks for the compliment. :relieved:

I was a little confused about what @larsbjerregaard wrote. If I got it right, I should just take a Topic and post my music there. Sorry that I only understood that now.

Lg peter

from the rules of the music & patches category:

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