Delexandra Algomorph — Now in Beta — FM Algorithm Module

Adding onReset() on the end of the module’s constructor seems to fix the problem…

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It must have something to do with the bitset. I see now that wasn’t being properly initialized outside of module reset.

I’ve pushed this fix and the builds have been updated.

Today I’ve been working on setting up a Rack dev environment on an old MacBook that’s been sitting in a closet, mostly in order to give asan a try there. Currently I’ve got patches with Algomorph in them running concurrently on Windows 10, 7, and MacOS 10.11, and haven’t yet run into any crashed on any of the three.

I haven’t heard any complaints from about running on Linux yet, so hopefully things are looking okay there.

Thanks so much for the help everyone!

Edit: I’m now seeing an odd issue where Operator 1 can’t connect to Modulation Output 2 on all platforms. All the other connections work. Looking into it…


Ok, I got that one fixed. Turns out the size of one of my arrays was 1 shorter than it should have been. Funny how Windows 7 had been working fine until the Windows 10 crash was fixed, then they both started misbehaving in the same different way.

The builds have been updated once again. Everything seems to be working on Mac, Win 7, and Win 10 over here.

New builds are available, now with click filters! This applies to algorithm changes (both from button press or trigger input), operator disabling/enabling, as well as modulator connection/disconnection. This makes the trigger input much more useful, and opens the door for performative interaction with the module’s various buttons.

If this is not important to you at any given time, or for example if you are using Algomorph for CV and want to remove the slew, the click filter can be disabled from the right-click menu. This saves some CPU.


The routing to the Sum output was incorrect under certain conditions in the last build, sorry about that! The builds have been updated with the fix.

I got algomorph going and was wondering if this is still an actively worked on thing. I could also use a manual. but its super cool.

I sort of thought it was abandoned, but I agree it is cool looking.

i think it was only paused as the author was moving its home or something similar …

That’s a pity! It really works but I’m not clear on how it all works. They kind of dropped out of development without writing the manual. EDIT: There’s this thread, from December 2020 so there’s still stuff going on. Plus this post describes the module in detail!

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