Delays that making ambient in VCV Rack | PATCH

At this time I wanna try to make some big sound mainly with just delays or creative processing spring reverbs with pair of distortions or ring modulation and something like that. And in the end I went into amazing TILT filters for the each track and oh man - this is the key to real separation between all voices in the patch space, higly recommended then! And yes this patch has only one voice (PROB-KEY-SLAP-WAVULIKE) which is playing through different FX processings.


Another beautiful patch, so what are these TILT Filters u are using in this one? I am going to try recreate this patch myself and see what wonderful mayhem I can cause. Thanks for showing this Patch.

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thanks and check Robotic Bean Tilter in the library. TILT filter is an actual EQ with simulteneously up above 1khz and down below 1khz, I think VULT tohe is similar thing but somehow prefer Robotic one

Thanks, I have always used delays in my patches, but never tried so many. Let the mayhem begin. So the Tilter Module sounds worth the effort to stop the sound from getting ‘muddy’?

yeah, as you can see in my patch almost all track have high frequency bump and still don’t sound harsh or spiky, just add a crisp into a whole patch, but the proportion is different so that’s the reason to use it per track