delay compensation

This has been asked before in the modules section with no reply, and I’ve searched the library… so I’m reasonably sure there is no ‘delay compensation’ module available. What I’m referring to is delay compensation for external clock sync. In my particular case, I’m sending MIDI clock from Reaper DAW to a LoopMIDI virtual port then into VCV via MIDI > CV module. At the moment, I just have a simple drum sequencer running and I find I have about 110 ms delay between the clock in Reaper and the triggered beats in VCV. I wouldn’t be surprised if this figure could/would vary depending on how much processing is going on in VCV. So, what I need is a delay compensation module. I’m assuming the logic for this is fairly simple, it’s something that most DAWs have built-in for external clock sync. Does anyone know of such a module? Anyone capable of writing one? Like I said, I get how the logic would work, but I’m no great shakes at C++ programming unfortunately.

If Reaper sends the midi and clock - it has to do the compensation too ?

If you want to measure time in rack, maybe you can use this scope in one-shot mode.

But I think you will have to measure and compensate in Reaper. ( make a click track, send via loopmidi, and record the output from VCV in a reaper audio track) measure distance from midi-note to click. and compensate with negative ms in the midi output device config I have shown.

I can’t think of any modules - or how one would do it in rack (without a time-machine)

Hopefully others know more.

Thanks! Yes, my immediate thought after posting this was – what can I do in Reaper? The midi clock offset is only good up to a point… it depends on the audio buffer size, but in my case more than 50-60ms doesn’t work.

I did however find a nice JS plugin solution With -100ms compensation and an additional -10ms clock offset it does the trick.

[you have to turn off sending midi clock in reaper prefs, then insert the above fx on a track and make a MIDI hardware output instead]