Deep Ambient Drone: Patches

Hello dear ones. After using VCV Rack for almost a year, I thought I’d say hello to the community. Maybe I will introduce myself briefly in my first post. My real name is Hermann, short Hery. I’m from Germany and am currently using a translation tool to check my insecure English^^. I hope that I don’t write too much incomprehensible text.

Professionally I am not really a musician but a .NET developer. But I like to produce some cat music from time to time after work to relax. I started with Fruity Loops, but since I discovered VCV-Rack at the end of last year I only use this tool. It is relaxing and exciting to discover new sounds with VCV-Rack. It is the perfect tool for a developer who spends a lot of time on the screen anyway. There are also many nice people who explain how everything works and motivate you to get involved with modular music. At this point I want to thank all developers and musicians who make VCV-Rack possible. It is a great tool.

Even though I’m not an expert in modular music, I thought it would be a good idea to make a patch regularly. Maybe with time I’ ll gain enough experience to build something that sounds good I will publish my patches here, maybe it will motivate other VCV rack beginners to know that even a complete beginner can learn to get along with all the cables and knobs over time. :slight_smile:

It’s best to start with my current patch “Symmetries”.


Awesome track! Very cool when the beat comes in :sunglasses: :+1:

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VERY nice :slight_smile:

Very good patch. I can feel a lot of hard thought in this one.

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Welcome Hery, very nice patch!

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Thanks for the nice posts :). So here comes the next patch. I swapped the small mixer from Mind Meld for the big one this time. I think this will make the modules in VCV Rack re-render a bit faster. The separation between melodies, drums and effects can be done in the mixer with the help of colors. Really handy this mixer.


For this patch I used more or less the same modules I use all the time. It is nothing special. This time I wanted to do something with voice recording again. For the upcoming 31 October I read the wiki article about ghosts :). My microphone unfortunately records the voice very quietly, so I always have to amplify it a bit afterwards. This time I reworked the recording from the Complex Simpler in Davinci Resolve. The result sounded a bit louder and clearer, but for some reason it couldn’t be reopened in complex simpler. I then exported it with the Edison tool in FL-Studio, which didn’t cause any problems. It’s really strange that the complex simpler doesn’t recognize the exports of Davinci. Is it only me or is this a known issue?

Download contains the VCV file and a recording of the spoken wiki article about ghosts.