dDom's music thread

Hey everyone!

I thought, I’ll start posting some sounds here now and then. Hopefully this will become some sort of a bigger collection over time.

The first one is an euclidean groove with some jazzy (at least in my ears) generative lead voice and some additive pad sounds. Those voices and patterns are all generated in vcv with some hands-on midi-controlling. After multitracking a much too long performance I edited and mixed in reaper and added a bit of extra percussion elements.

Feedback is welcome!

I’m afraid your MP3 isn’t playable to most readers of the forum. It’s using HTTP rather than HTTPS, and most users will be browsing using HTTPS in browsers that don’t allow mixed content by default.

You’ll need to use an HTTPS address, but then you run into the problem that your server’s certificate doesn’t match the domain name in the MP3’s URL (“www.sakshin.net” vs. " *.kasserver.com"). You’ll need to post using a fully valid URL with a valid certificate before it’s playable.


Thx, mate! - I am new to this and will try my best to make it work very soon!

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…and it works! Sorry for the trouble. Please enjoy the music!

Hey again,

this one is a stereo-recording, uncut, just as it ran on it’s own between two mouse-triggers on Clocked’s run-button. Modul-wise it is a bit of an overkill. I am coming from hardware and it is so tempting to just pull in another module. I was trying out some of the great Audible/Mutable-stuff and then decided to put some drums in as well, so it got bigger and bigger. I am planning on developing this further by introducing midi-control on some of the parameters. - I build this two weeks ago, before I got introduced to @stoermelder 's Midi-Cat, which became one of my dearest module-friends.

But the thing is: I also like what the patch does, if you just let it run. So I thought, I put this here in the ‘fingers-off’-version.

P.S.: If there’s any more problems accessing the files, please let me know. - I think I did it right this time! Thanks a lot, @Richie ! - Your kind explanation helped a ton!

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