DC CV Output from Audio. Nearly. Typical?

I took I put a slow LFO CV output into Audio-8 and then took the audio output (windows box) and plugged it into a CV input on my Crave, expecting it to be AC-coupled and therefore not to work much below audio freq.

But it did! The relaxation time seems to be several seconds making this quite a useful thing. Not sure for what at the minute, but another string.

Is this typical or am I just lucky with this audio card?

I think it’s typical. The AC-coupled interface won’t pass held voltages (pitch CV, long gates, etc.) but it will give them a slew limiter effect. So you can’t pass LFO’s or envelopes accurately either but you will get something which might be useful or not :slight_smile:

Thanks, as I say it’s not far of DC. But then it’s only one output, so a bit limited. Makes me wonder if there’s a USB device that can be integrated with Rack that outputs multiple CVs. (please don’t say have you googled for it :smile:)

Expert Sleepers are the expert guys here. You could place them in a tiny Eurorack pod :slight_smile:

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