For me it does not make sense to port it, because i use Quant from Grande because it has an equi mode and a trigger output when CV changes. If i would do you would have to change all your V1 vcv patches anyway, i don’t know how something can be done automatically.

It’s possible to automatically do module replacement (it has to be done by VCV so you would need to contact them about it). We do it with ShapeMaster (free) and ShapeMaster Pro (so any patch using Pro will automatically use the free version if opened by someone who does not have Pro and vice versa). Vult also does it with their free/paid versions of modules.

For any ports of Xor modules you have done that are very similar with the same in/out jacks etc, you could probably ask Andrew to replace automatically with your modules in older patches instead as it is clear there will be no Xor plugin in V2.

but this seems to be some effort (i will not have time for) and in which i don’t know if the manual replacement is far faster than developing, testing, organizing, asking VCVRack etc … for a small module which is not unique anyway, i guess ShapeMaster and ShapeMaster Pro is far another dimension and also in the commercial part of the story.

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Ok no worries, I thought it would be pretty simple and quick to make a port as it’s not a complicated module but I understand that the use case, especially when using the automatic redirecting, is probably quite limited. I still love that module though, I don’t know of any other ‘simple’ quantizer that has the scales it had.

Thank you!!

dbRackSequencer v2.1.0 is now in the library

New modules

P16A, P16B, P16S, UnoA, CCA, CCA2, Ant, TME, SigMod, MouseSeq, Preset, CDiv, CSR


  • P16 #3 direction input works now as expected
  • P4 X/Y input works now as expected
  • M851 now has a seed input for random step generation to get equal sequences on every reset.
  • M851 now has a polyphonic CV input
  • M851 #12 displays now the sequence length
  • Chords,JTChords,AG: added delete and insert for patterns
  • PWMClock fix #10 : reset signal now also resets the clocks
  • ACC has now a threshold parameter
  • TheMatrix randomize can be restricted to a selection
  • CYC,Klee,TD4,M851,Uno Fixed: CVs now loaded always correctly when loading a preset

Thanks a lot, I can’t stop marveling and admiring your ingenuity, Doc! Another great batch of new creative modules, - so far I’ve had time to quickly test only MouseSeq (+Preset - a nice addition a la 8Face), and I can already safely put it in the list of my new big favorites.


These are a lot of fun. Is there a way to set the state of cells in cca2 to “off”?


oh, forgot that to describe in the manual. press shift and then click on the on cell.


Thank you for these! Some great additions here. I am looking forward to check out CDiv as my go to clock divider, cause lack of predictable reset was bugging me too.

@docB Suggestion for klee, why not add scenes would be cool. And what is better to use for modulating Bus Poly In ? Anything I haven’t tried just isn’t convenient. thnx )

the faders module provides “scenes”:

additionally the values in the faders module can be modulated.

alternatively: save presets and use the presets module to walk through.


Thank you @docB for these great (new) modules.

My new favorite “pattern arpeggiator” setup would not have been possible without P16A & AG.

The idea is that I can “select” the different poly channels with P16A which controls the gate output of AG. So I am sequencing poly channels in a way I couldn’t achieve before.

You can see it briefly in this video:


dbRackSequencer v2.2.0 is now in the library.

  • New modules: Carambol, PMod
  • Fixes Enhancements:
    • #18 PwmClock uses now a global position for syncing all clocks. Changing ratio works now without resetting.
    • PwmClock has now a time display (on/off via menu) showing the time since the last reset
    • #16 #17 Pwm Clock Run output now available.
    • Matrix: Paste via Ctrl Shift V works now correctly with lines of length 32
    • P16A: Added the possibility to set a range for random generation via menu

dbRackSequencer v2.2.2 is now in the library.

New modules in 2.2.2: ASEQ, TXVI, M16, S16, M16S

TXVI Demo:

ASEQ Demo:


Awesome plugin, one the very best for VCV Rack. Many thanks !!!

I love both of these patches, although it did take me a while to figure out how to get the sequences and audio output going. Great job on the modules!