dbRackModules releases

Good stuff doc, thanks! I’ve been playing with your phase distortion VCO’s yesterday - very interesting and huge range of sounds with low CPU usage. You have quite a range of very interesting modules now.

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Joining the praise chorus. I’m having apparently endless fun with Pad2 these days. :slight_smile:


Very exciting to see the new modules, I’ve only tried the PPD and I noticed that if you set it fully dry, the feedback control acts as a drive control and pushes into clipping at 100%. Intended?

I would say no. Looks like a bug, i will look into for the next version.

Thanks for looking into it. (Weirdly it clips even sooner if you control the feedback via the cv input.)

yes this is another bug. i was able to fix them all, will come in the next version. Until then if you want to dynamically control dry/wet you could use it as send effect e.g. with VULT send.

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The PPD Dry/Wet fix is here and should be in the library soonish: